Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The meaning of life

The meaning of life seemingly has a different explanation, definition, and overall expression for each individual. If a person has a closed mindset the outcome of the meaning of life will be greatly different than a person with an open mindset. If someone takes a close look it is easy to see where a closed mindset places the general environment and society in control of the outcome of that particular person’s idea or definition of the meaning of life. To an extreme point a person’s life is a result of the way they think. While thinking too long about something sometimes even becomes the person’s undoing.
The over whelming consensus is that happiness is evidently the meaning of life. As long as a person is happy then obviously life is fulfilled. The United States constitution is a guarantee of a person’s right to pursue happiness. A french philosopher once said “The whole world is on a mad quest for security and happiness.”
But what exactly is happiness? How is it secured? What is known for sure is that the overwhelming majority of the population of the community, as well as the world, desire happiness. It is what a person longs for in life. The human mindset is ever increasingly bent on securing happiness in their lives, in the work place, in their relationships, and in their activities.
Everyone will try with all they have and all the got to secure happiness. More often than not the end result will leave them empty, unsatisfied, and regretful. Some will even lose the desire to live and at the same time have so much to really live for.

Happiness is not something that can be found. At least not by seeking it directly. What will bring the most satisfaction in life and what is longed for is definitely not what the current mindset considers meaningful.

The meaning of life is to know God.

Happiness is a by-product of a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Happiness is a bonus then of self sacrifice of your own life to be given to Him for a cause much greater than you or anything else.

The meaning of life is to know God. The purpose of life is to execute what He intends for your life to be used for.

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