Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Where do you turn when you are hurting? What if it is the people you love the most that are hurting you? How can you reveal something so emotionally unspeakable?

When talking to people today it is noticeable that the understanding of Abuse is still in its infant stages within the minds of today's general population. The majority of those in society today still have misconceptions regarding the dynamics of an abusive relationship. As God is no longer the center of today's generations, people in general have formed their opinions on those myths generally held in society and not on what the Bible says.

By the same token there are many today that seem to think that the Bible is quiet or has very little to say about abuse. The Bible condemns violence and violent people. Many passages in the Bible speak on the issue of violence, including God's attitude toward those that use violence. Whether it be physical, emotional, and/or verbal forms of violence.

Abuse comes in a variety of forms, seen and unseen, physical, mental or emotional. All of which are painful. This pain becomes a mechanism which shuts out reality and eventually closes off the mind and heart to those who really care. Over time it becomes harder to reach or even help a victim in certain abuse situations. Scars and bruises, physically or emotionally, of domestic violence are clear signs of someone abused. Whether it be man, woman, and/or child.

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse or spousal abuse, is an ongoing epidemic in our communities nationwide. Nothing short of the Lord Jesus coming back is going to slow the current trend of family violence.

Sexual abuse is extremely less noticeable and will leave deep, open wounds in the heart and mind of the victim. Those wounds eventually turn to scars that can in turn be reopened by other issues or events later in life that, in turn, starts the emotional roller-coaster all over again.

Emotional abuse is often misunderstood or not even recognized as abuse at all. Many abusers have persuasive excuses as to why they had to treat a loved one in such a terrible, hateful, or unethical and immoral way. Including humiliating them while completely tearing down their self-esteem. This type of gross manipulation forces the victim to be seeming dependent upon the one emotionally attacking; and almost immediately the victim feels insecure and totally unable to make their own decisions.

Sometimes the victims may desire to confide in a church leader, Pastor, or deacon with the hope of some support and encouragement; only to never really muster up the courage to speak to them. Some eventually confide in other people, friends, or relatives and end up feeling even more guilty and trapped than they did before. Victims are told quite often that the whole issue is their own fault. They may be told that the abuse is due to their own choices or circumstances, lack of submissiveness, or their own sinfulness. Many victims endure the abuse for seemingly a lifetime. Ultimately dragging the innocent little ones in the family through their own abuse war, instead of seeking protection for themselves and the innocent little ones. Just imagine all the innocent little minds that have been eroded and destroyed from the impact of the various forms of abuse.

If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, you can get help. There is a way out. You just need the courage to know and admit that you are in a hard, difficult, and bad situation. You must know and admit you need help then seek help. Abuse is a hurt that is deep, leaving painful wounds that need healing, not just covering up. Perhaps the abuse took place years ago, but does that mean that the effects of that abuse are all gone. It’s time to shift out of the mode of denial and pretense and be honest about your need to find total healing from every wound.

If you are enduring hurt, pain, or abuse now; know that God loves you, has a plan for your life, and He will give you the direction and strength to make the right choices with His wisdom and protection. It has already happened for many, it can happen for you today.

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