Tuesday, September 8, 2009

community hurting?

Each night we hear on the news shows how bad our economy is. While each and every day is filled with the anxiety in the faces of those who are needing help. So many of those having never needed help before. Faces full of worry and embarrassment of having to ask for something.
With continuous exploring of every way possible to help; yet the resources are not keeping up with the growing demand. The fallout effect from the economic disaster has became a virtual tornado, a tsunami if you will, of need.
The faces of those who have worked hard to provide for their family and the snowball keeps rolling downhill taking them and their families on a ride of despair. Utility bills, rent, mortgage, groceries, fuel…the mind boggling task of balancing what you pay. Constantly robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Many will go to bed tonight in our own community with nothing to eat for dinner; some nothing to eat all day. Come winter many will go to sleep cold. Endless accounts of families living in tents or their cars; with school kids going to the creek or truck stop to take a bath before school.
What can be done about this epidemic? The answer can't be provided for everyone. Many will not swallow their pride to even be helped in the least. Some people were burdens before the economic crisis and continue to be a burden afterward. No amount of resources will help those in that category. They have a malfunction in the brain and the heart.
The answer must come from one person to another person one at a time. In a community that has the fortitude and ethical background as ours; stepping up and serving a cause greater than one's own has never been more important.
The local church houses are are serving more than they have ever served; and at the same time are bringing in less financially than they ever have. The shelters and missions are full of people yet empty in the pocketbook.
My heart finds no comfort in that. It breaks for the many we can’t help. Those who are truly trying with all they got; yet cannot make ends meet at all.
Help just one person today… you could just be the difference maker in someone's life today.

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