Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't let go of your Dreams

What do you think about doing with your spare time? What passions or desires are laid upon your heart to achieve? What extraordinary things make you feel more alive when you imagine yourself achieving them? What did you dream about when you were a child?

Discovering your dreams is an ongoing process. Often, as you try to make your dreams a reality, you learn more about who you really are and what things are closest to you in life.

Most of the time the road of life includes many obstacles that seem to shut down or make you think you can never achieve your dreams. Adjusting, re-aligning, or seeking direction in these times can help set your dream ship back on course. Don't be like the idiot husband that is afraid to stop and ask for directions. Never allow anxiety or fear freeze you from adjusting your course or asking for directions as you learn what your destination in life is.

In some cases the obstacles to achieving dreams are seen as finances. Not having enough money to do what you want to do. If your dream is all about making money for your own self-interest, then maybe you have the wrong dream to begin with. Do your dreams line up with God's Word and His desires? If not maybe it's time to come back to the drawing board.

Other obstacles to dreams can wear many different faces and look like many different things. Some obstacles are seen, some unseen. Some will feel sorry for themselves and seek to have a pity party instead of going after their dreams. Some will fall prey to other people's opinions of their dreams; which ultimately lead to feelings of worthlessness. When you work long and hard at what seems worthless to you or others; remember that this sense of worthlessness is a lie. The lie always seeks to destroy and/or eliminate your dreams or any future success.

Most of us were raised up thinking that all we needed to achieve success in life and security was to finish school, maybe go to college, get a good job with the right company, work hard and the rest would fall into line. But those days are over. In today’s world there’s a big, hard, and terrible economic shift currently under way. Security in life is quickly moving to unexpected change. That being stated, and it should be noted, that today's dreams will fuel the next generations world.

In every situation we have a choice. We can either choose the negative or we can choose the positive; either way you have a choice. Before you make a choice maybe you should ask yourself: where is God at in all of this? Then make any changes that are needed in your life. If you're not already working towards your dreams, you're probably trapped in a cycle that keeps going around and around; thus you're locked away from everything you dream to do or be. Break the cycle. For a lot of people, that means finally trusting the Lord.

Set clear goals that move and inspire you. Believe in yourself, your dreams, and your goals. Goals are the steel beams of life that support your dreams. Keep moving forward and live in the now. If you have trouble letting go of something in the past, give it to the Lord and move on. Those who constantly live in the past will be doomed to stay in the past.

To truly succeed in anything and achieve your dreams you will have to learn how to endure adversity and failure. The ability to feel confident in the midst of heated adversity and obvious failure is a God given gift. When it seems you're trapped in the ditch of adversity or in the dark valleys of failure, seek God. God can initiate success. When talent and effort have been exhausted, the Lord will carry you through to the end. Sometimes all that is needed to change a hopeless situation is the ability to be still and know He is working in this with you.

Life is a journey and discovering exactly what God built you for can be exciting. Take a fresh look at where you are, recognize your talents, embrace your passions, discover who you really are. Being built in His image and with His help you have the ability to achieve and to do anything. Trust God, trust yourself, and never limit yourself. Be persistent. Finish what you start, even if it seems like it's taking forever. Stick to what you know; and what you don't know, learn it.

Everything changes, that's guaranteed. Any darkness in life will pass and in the face of failure trust God. He can drive you on to achieve your dreams.

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