Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finding Your Mission in Life

Finding Your Mission in Life
God has a purpose and a plan for everyone, especially those who are genuine Christians. A person's life is simply lived as what they talk about, and what actions they exercise daily in their lives. These are specifically the things that hold them back. One of the most challenging tasks a person will face in their life will be discovering their life's mission, or purpose in life. This is one of the most important things ever in life. Some find it and move on to do great things in their life. Yet some speed a lifetime searching and never find it. There are endless stories of those struggling to find what their life's mission is. As this is their specific purpose in life. These same ones seeking what to do with their life struggle to find the bits and pieces that will lead them forward into living meaningful lives. I submit to you that apart from God and a relationship with Jesus it is impossible to find your life's mission. Jesus helps things become more clear in life and opens the eyes to see what true vocations might be and what details that may include.
If you are on the journey to find your life's mission ask yourself three questions: If you knew you were going to die in five years, how would you live your life until then? If you knew you were going to die in six months, how would you live your life until then? If you found out you were going to die within 24 hours, what would you regret not having done with your life?
Identifying the roadblocks and speed bumps in your life and turning them into stepping stones to fulfill God's purposes in your life mission is the best place to begin. Roadblocks and speed bumps stunt and/or eliminate spiritual growth as well as your life's mission. These can range from lack of true commitment, ungodly values, bad habits, fear, worry, addictions, attitude and so on. You must seek God's guidance and travel life's path in obedience to Him to turn those roadblocks and speed bumps in your life into stepping stones to fulfill your life's mission. Somethings that will help in this process are to be open minded, understand your strengths and weaknesses, learning to ask for help, and as always practice, persistence, and staying focused. Always be aware of your limits and be prepared to push yourself.
At its very best, finding your life mission is a very spiritual process. Christians today should consider it a privilege to help others to discover their God-given design; as well as helping others to find work that gives them an opportunity to serve the Lord joyfully. My prayer is that anyone unsure or struggling to find their life's mission will use the resources within the local church to find their mission; so that the the body of Christ, the Church, will impact the community and the world as He wills.
Wonderful and amazing things will happen as you discover your life's mission and as you learn to recognize God's will in your life. God will put your feet on His path; as well as show you how to follow where He leads. Live your life's mission and act on it. This is your calling as you are dreaming the dreams God has created you to pursue. Only He can equip you to fulfill them. Sometimes personal happiness will destroy practical personal productivity. God wants you to have joy and happiness, but not at the expense of Him and your life's mission. God has, in many ways, given everyone the necessary tools to help them discover who they are and how to live their lives in light of their God-given design.
God will pour out some extraordinary power and love into your ordinary Life. Step out, explore your calling in your life's mission. Believe in the Lord and that He is calling you to fulfill your life to the fullest extent possible.

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