Monday, December 7, 2009

So what about Divorce?

Divorce is a nasty mud hole reaching deep into the fabric of society; even with the labeling of divorce as uncontested and/or no fault has done little more than standardize what is really just institutionalized evil. There's not really a distinction between a Christian and non-Christian marriage anymore; as seen frequently with the equal opportunity given to divorce. It can certainly be seen that the overwhelming lack of distinction between Christian and non-Christian marriage serves as a gauge that is indicating a continuous lack of faith, spiritual depth, and Biblical understanding within the North American church. It seems marriage is no longer about the preservation of one flesh , or the keeping of a promise.
Christians have always fought against abominations and social evils from slavery to abortion. Yet on divorce it seems that the majority are either quiet or giving some sort of motivational speech on the topic. Divorce has destroyed more families than any other epidemic in history. Societies today would not be standing on the edge of breakdown over same-sex marriage were it not for the erosion of divorce that has effected marriage.
Divorce is a tough issue and a touchy subject that includes very personal and painful struggles. There are some who divorce their spouse for no real reason and yet there are some who endure very physical and difficult marital situations. Some desire to reconcile and some just want to move on. Apart from violence and physical abuse the reason doesn't matter. While there are areas in the Bible which lay a possibility for divorce, the Word of God is clear in that divorce is an absolute, after all things are exhausted, last thing. In self-justifying efforts showing their desire and/or choice to divorce, people communicate things like, “What if my husband…”; “But my wife doesn’t…”; or “God wants me to be happy…”; and on and on. This personal, me centered, mentality replaces God for their own wants and desires rather than what the Bible actually says.
But what can be done?
The largest hope lies in the couples desiring to go into marriage. These are the ones who make the commitment. This commitment is in the eyes of God Almighty, not just on a piece of paper from the court house. If these only knew to develop themselves for that commitment and realize that marriage is a covenant. Something that is missing in society today, it seems, is what marriage it really means to God. God officiated the very first wedding in the garden of Eden and He will officiate the last one ever in Heaven between the Church and Jesus.
If you are going through a marriage situation, a divorce, or already divorced know that there is hope. Turn to God in this time of need. For those of you who are struggling in your marriages and having issues, engage the church, church family, and/or church leadership. Seek help before looking to divorce. These words go contrary to your feelings and will represent that small step of faith needed, which is also pleasing to God. Also, there are some who are almost divorced and can't stop it; as well as those who are already divorced. The prescription is still the same. Seek God. Believe it or not, there are churches that have specific programs in place for those who are already divorced.
Remember, God loves you. King Jesus is on the throne and is reigning now. Nothing happens or will occur apart from God’s sovereign plan and His purpose. When your life is in the most terrible of storms and even while in the most severe trials we can rest in the assurance that God will use these things for good. Turn to Him in these times of need.

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