Monday, December 7, 2009

Greater Things...

As today's to-do list becomes endless, it seems prayer is most often at the bottom of that list for most people. When bad things happen to us, loved ones, or even total strangers; more often than not it is the faith that becomes strained or challenged first. Most people often wonder how could God let certain things take place. Many continue to argue against God and the faith in response to the evil in the world. While these feelings will occur in all of us, the response given is definitely a response given to God concerning your life altogether.
Serious illness, death, loss of employment, addiction, and a host of other things may show up in someone's life that would be a sign of bad things that have happened or are happening. Whatever the deal may be, the struggle in life will then become harder and life just simply becomes hard to deal with. Normal everyday life in these bad things situations becomes a burden, challenging, and leaves people in a state of constant worry. This places some that want to believe wondering about God altogether and it positions those that do believe questioning the Almighty about their life and situations.
Bad things do and will happen, apart from the Lord Jesus coming back, they will continue to happen. The struggle that takes place during these bad things does not mean that a person has weak faith. The struggle that takes place in life is a chance to lean on the faith and draw from the deep well of God's promises.
Faith is not just simply a feeling or a high powered good-luck charm. Faith is a relationship and must be exercised daily. Being strong in the faith allows us to turn everything over to God, whatever the deal may be. Acknowledging the importance of God in your life is a tremendous step of faith. The worry, fear, anxiety, and/or depression a person expresses in life is the soul speaking out about what's really going on in life. That is why it is evermore important to keep God first in all things. Mankind was never meant to go it alone and only God can give what is needed in the bad times as well as the good times.
Bad things in life does not mean their is no God, nor does it mean your faith is small or misguided. To truly know joy and experience joy, even in the bad things of life, turn to God with all your life. Give Jesus the worry, anxiety, fear, depression, and everything else too. This is the first step of - faith in action. Give it to God and move on.

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