Thursday, May 20, 2010


All people deserve the chance to reach their full potential of success. But what just is success, and what does it mean to be successful or to be a failure? Success is most often defined as either achievement or attainment. Achievement of something that was planned, attempted, or intended; or the attainment of a level of social status, wealth, fame, or even power. So essentially the outcome developed in life revolves around what can a person do to become more successful, and/or how can a person excel in all areas of life; whether professional or personal?
The difference between being, or becoming, successful or to be a failure is answered by many, and usually gets the same answer. To many, success is financial security, a house, college degree or degrees, and so on, and failure is being defined as not achieving or attaining these in life. Clearly if these things are defining your life in terms of success, then you are living the wrong dream and for the wrong things. A person must be strong and courageous to even attempt to achieve success in their life; yet a person in life must achieve success by God's principles and standards (Joshua 1:7-8). The bottom-line is that obedience to the Lord will equal success and disobedience will equal failure. When you try to make the world's standard, or even the so-called American dream, your measuring stick for success then you will end up with the short end of the stick, so to speak. It is possible that a person could attain all the riches and fame in the world, and yet truly without the Lord they will have nothing and still be broken and empty.
With God nothing is impossible. A person's potential is within the unexplainable and supernatural realm with the Lord. Look at it this way, potential in your life is simply expressing the possibility, liberty or power; something that can develop or become actual. With the Lord Jesus, potential becomes a promise. Furthermore, when the Lord is guiding you and the Holy Spirit is developing your potential then success is guaranteed when you live in obedience to the Lord. It will be hard and you may not like what is going on at times, but you will reach your fullest success potential in life with the Lord. God's own living Word, the Bible, provides comprehensive and effective structure through collaboration across churches and communities that facilitates the development of a diverse and vibrant success experience in life.
If no one ever even notices anything you have ever done in your life, know this, when you live a life of obedience then God will see you as a success because you obeyed. Never allow the world to define who you are, much less whether you are a success or a failure. Let God decide this! You can do amazing things with your life when you give it to the Lord and live obedient to His purpose and mission. This is the only solid and lasting success. Amen.

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