Thursday, May 20, 2010


Passion can be defined as a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger; some sort of ardent love. A strong sexual, desire such as lust, or quite simply the object of such love or desire. Passion has often been also described as total enthusiasm. So, what is fueling your desire in your life today? Is it the Lord or something else?
Over the years, I've come to see that a person's desire, or desires, is quite possibly one of the most sustainable and important competitive advantages a person can have. If it is the right desire, fuel by the right passion. Everything in life starts with desire, but desires come and go as real passion stays. Passion is the most important thing to leading a dream. Converting your dreams to reality will require passion. Whether in your personal life, employment, school, or whatever passion is key to a most productive life. While many see the bills laying on the counter and push themselves to work, genuine passion is about much more than that. Passion drives a person who doesn't get up every day and face down challenges just for the sake of money, but there is a fire, a passion for something more. The missing ingredient for many today is passion. Then again there are still many who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ alone is the Lord of lighting and sustaining that passion needed in your life. You may have passion in your life without the Lord, but any passion not from the Lord will simply make you meltdown and self-destruct. The Lord is the One who gives and inspires passion. People today do not really need another strategy, and the last thing they need is another so-called guru's personal analysis on their lives. What people today most assuredly need most is to become spiritually, physically, and emotionally engaged with their own passion and their own dreams, with each other, and with their calling in life. No matter what your age, your training, your education level, or even your level of experience the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit Himself can, and will, ignite the passion in your life.
Passion isn't necessarily a word that we typically equate with certain things in life. Yet, passion is something that is needed in life. Looking back though history, the greatest impact people who did something with their lives approached their careers and achievements with passion. Some have a passion for storytelling, some have a passion for creating something that people can't help but share, but all people should be passionate about what they do; as well as choosing something they love. The ones who really change our world for the better will be the ones most passionate about doing it. There is a common thread in the people with passion who are accomplishing something great. The future of the world is in the Lord's hands and isn't about Twitter, facebook, weathering the storm, or even finding the next great groundbreaking product. Passion is a very important component of keeping things together, fulfilling dreams, and achieving goals. It's not enough anymore to just simply build a great plan that provides structure for daily life and activities; as this is essentially building a life totally on sand. A person must stay motivated and make their passion a permanent part of their life. This includes making sure that the Lord is the foundation and at the core of all passion(s).
Passion emerges from an attitude, a commitment, a hunger to see lives changed and Christ honored. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit who takes a faithful, humble messenger and sets him or her on fire for the Lord and His mission. Passion can make you walk one more mile when you are certain that mile will kill you; and passion still sparks after you have walked that last mile and found nothing at the end of it but more road. Amen.

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