Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pastors and their Flocks

Recently I received a call from a pastoral leader wanting me to come and preach at his church. While speaking with him, he expressed that he wanted me to "come sheer his sheep." Evidently he desired to do a great number of things and no one in the church would help out. He went on to give me a list of things he wanted to do and where the people were failing at them. I explained to him that I would be glad to come, but the Holy Spirit determines the message; not me or anyone else. After preaching on that Sunday, this pastoral leader seriously got on to me as he wanted me to sheer his sheep and tell them like it was. Evidently he was afraid to say the wrong things to his congregation and wanted a hired hand to say it. Never the less, I explained to him, respectfully, that it was the pastor's job to sheer his sheep. After all the pastor is the shepherd. I also explained that I had helped him that day, as I corralled and motivated the sheep to the stall. But it was his job to operate the sheer.
A lot of preachers, and even pastors, today want to brow-beat and beat the people over the head with the Bible. This is not the way. All many Christians really need is encouragement, motivation, and how to apply the Word of God in their lives. This is why I preach the Word, the whole counsel of God, and not 5 ways to do this or 10 ways to do that. This brings me to a couple of points.
First off, if a pastor or Christian leader is going to call me, or another preacher, to sheer his sheep because he is afraid to; then he is in the wrong line of work. I find nowhere in the Bible of a hired hand doing the work of a pastor. A pulpit preacher or evangelist is suppose to supply a word from the Lord in which the people will respond; and the pastor is the one who is suppose to sheer the sheep and tell them where they are wrong. As a matter of fact, many times in the Word of God Jesus included many words about shepherds and the sheep. These are the Biblical words of example for today's pastors and preachers.
Second, Christians today should already be motivated to do what they are suppose to do. While everyone already knows this is not true and does not happen with the majority, the fact still remains. Christians in the church house today should be enthusiastic and ready to do what their pastors are guiding them to do. God gives the pastor His vision and it is up to the pastor to apply the vision God has given him. Christians who are not responding to their pastors are, in essence, disobedient and not doing as they should. If you are just going to church and not responding to your pastor's calls and vision, then how do you expect your church to become all that God intends for it to be and/or become?
As you read this today, ask yourself were you can come along-side your pastor and help. Whether it is doing a job or just a job of encouraging your pastor; pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal this to you. Talk with your pastor and the leadership at your church and find ways to become and do more than you are currently doing. Remember, you are the sheep and the pastor is the shepherd. The pastor is the man of God called for his duty. The pastor will be held accountable for you and everyone else in the flock that God has given him. Come along-side him and work with him to develop your church into all that God wants it to be and do. May God get the glory and be glorified in all that is accomplished by you personally working together in the duty and vision that the Lord has given to your pastor. A men.

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