Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ministering to Singles

According to recent data, the growing number of unmarried adults in the United States is over an excess of 100 million. This number alone places over a third of today's population in the single relationship area. Some of these are never married, some are single parents, and some are widows. Whatever the case may be, from never marrying, to divorce, to the loss of a spouse; this number is a large ministry area for the Christians and the church today. Not to even mention that the people who are lost, or out of the church altogether, in this category is unable to number.
The churches everywhere today are largely focused on married couples and their families. There is a huge gap in the divide here. Some churches have tried to establish ministries and programming for young adults who are between high school and the point of getting married. This is a good start, yet it misses the thrust of the ministry context in this area. Christians and churches should, and can, become more intentional about reaching out to divorced and unmarried people who are in that category for a host of reasons. Anyone can easily become judgmental about why these people are single; but instead we need to meet them where they are. Christians and churches should identify and befriend the single parent families; where a person has been widowed or where there has been a divorce. These folks need our acceptance and our support in raising their children with the help of proper role models.
There are many single adults, single moms, and single dads out there who are making the adjustment of living independently. Life alone is hard enough with two, much less just one. The Christian family and the church as a whole could be paramount in helping and guiding these through some of life's basic areas, needs, and/or skills. Take a look around your church house or place of employment to see and meet the unmarried, the single parent families, and the widows. These are people who desperately need friendships with others who can help them cope with many areas and disappointments of life. The people who are lost or out of the church altogether in this category is unable to number.

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