Friday, October 2, 2009

Logos Seminary Scholarship

Seminary education in today's society is extremely necessary for Preachers and Pastors today. Being able to reach people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is a harder endeavor today than ever before. By the same token, an uneducated person at the helm will only make the ship weaker. With that being stated, one must have the anointing to perform the Call, while at the same time, without developing their skills and exercising their Gifts the leader's of today's church will by default make their efforts have less and less impact. Learning and developing is a life long process. In today's world the church needs impact Preachers, impact Pastors, and impact leaders.

With various college credit Seminary extension classes, numerous unaccredited correspondence courses, and some regular college courses under my belt, I will attend Tennessee Temple University online beginning in the spring. This is a major step for me as I aspire to develop myself for the Lord's use in more deeper ways. I have developed an extremely high apptitude and working knowledge of the Greek language. Not fluent in speaking, but understanding it, I look forward to develop that even more. Hebrew is a lot different, yet I look forward to the challenge. I'm right at home in theology. Especially Biblical, systematic, or church theology. I mostly look forward to raising the bar even higher in my Preaching and Pastoral skills.

The economy today has forced many to retreat a bit from formal education. With finances at the forefront and having a family, being able to afford a higher education is sometime hard to imagine. Yet my God is faithful and He will provide.

I know in my own life, while looking at attaining a Biblical education, the financial end always seem to be at the center. With a family, keeping up with the economical conditions and providing for education is hard at best.

This is where Logos Biblical software has stepped up to the challenge with a $1000 seminary scholarship to aide those reaching for not only higher education, but also a deeper impact with their lives.

A scholarship such as this would help me in so many ways I can't even begin to start the descriptions of how. The ease of the burden financially on my family seems to be at the apex of any thought on a scholarship such as this.

I can just imagine the countless others out there that a scholarship such as this would make a huge impact in their lives as well as their theological education. My general hope is that many people will get the opportunity to take part in this scholarship offering. As there are many that are in need and are attempting a higher theological education. I Pray the Lord will Bless many in this scholarship offering; and I Pray that the Lord will continue to Bless Logos so they can continue to offer it. May this grow bigger and bolder in the future.

Anyone who desires to enhance their Biblical knowledge, uplift their theological training, or just need a hand-up to help them along the way... Logos has a scholarship that you could quite possibly attain to help you along the way. Go check it out!

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